We are so much more than just a name. From Navy sailor to entrepreneur, meet the woman behind the brand 
Before she became a Graphic Designer, Missy was an Information Systems Technician (IT2) in the United States Navy. The military taught her discipline, responsibility, accountability, and how to work under intense pressure and with diverse groups of people.
As a Graphic Designer, Missy specializes in design, photography, and social media. She graduated with Honors from the Art Institute of Dallas, with a BFA in Graphic Design. She has five years of design experience and has worked for agencies, corporations, and currently works as a freelancer and independent contractor.
In January 2016, Missy and High Vis founded a local street photography group, DTX Street, which strives to inspire amateurs and professionals alike, to uniquely capture and share the urban experience and culture in our city.
Later in July 2017, Missy founded DTX Women, a platform that features the works and services of female creatives and entrepreneurs. The group has paved the way for a solid female collaborative community in DFW, inspiring other groups to follow suit and create opportunities for women.

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